Information for retailers

Useful information for B2B with Famme

Also see our business blog for B2B content.

Invoicing and currencies

We have local bank details and can invoice in the following currencies:
  • NOK
  • EUR
  • USD
  • CAD
  • NZD
  • AUD
  • GBP

Payment Terms

  • Prices of all our products can be found here
  • Payment must be done up front, unless we have an agreement that states otherwise

shipping and customs

  • We can deliver with UPS and DHL, but have best prices with DHL
  • Norway is part of the EEA, so in theory is part of the European "single" market. That means that unless the customs officials does something wrong, or we miss the relevant documents (which can happen), there should not be additional charges compared to EU shipments.
  • We can also send directly from suppliers in Portugal or China, this makes most sense for larger orders.


We have no MOQ, but keeping shipping costs in mind, larger orders give better margins, but worse cash flow.

Stock and product information

You can find all necessary information about product SKU, EAN13, stock etc. here

Media and marketing 

Contact us to get access to our media library that contains product pictures, banners, videos and more.

Complaints / defectives

We carefully track and analyze defectives that occur. All retailers must submit defectives in this google form. Credit notes are issued at the start of every month.

Other retailers

We will try to keep an updated list of stores that distribute Famme here