Influencer spørsmål og vilkår


    1. What perks do I receive? You get the opportunity to earn gift cards and / or money depending on how much sales you give us.

    2. What code can I give to my followers? You give a 20% code to your followers which can be shared on stories and posts. It is also a good idea to put this in bio together with your affiliate link, it can be made hereYou can find how many times your codes has been used here

    3. How much commission do I get each month? 
      You get 10% commission on non-cancelled and non-returned orders paid with money where your code is used, the value is calculated from the sale prices excl. VAT. If you have received a gift card, it will contain the value you earned the previous month. If you did not receive a gift card, your code has probably not been used yet. Gift cards / money is paid out once a month, at the start of each month. The threshold for money vs. gift card is 1000 NOK. 900 NOK = gift card.

    4. How do I receive free items?
      In addition to gift card on purchases with your code , we have the following bonuses on code usages from other people within a month: 

      * 5: free set( bottom and top)
      10: free set (bottom and top)
      25: 2 sets (bottom and top)
       50: purchase items for 3000 nok 
      * 100: If you sell more than this within a month we can discuss buying "whatever you want" from our store within certain limits.
    5. What is the minimum requirement being part of the program? 
      It is a requirement to have @famme <my code> in bio, or the affiliate link which will be:

      When receiving the items you should also promote non-returned items on story or feed.
    6. My code does not work, what should I do? Only 20% codes will be active moving forward and can also be used by the influencer, you get commission on purchases done by yourself.
    7. How is commission paid in money if I reach the threshold? Either by invoicing our providing your bank account number.


Influencer terms and conditions for free items

If you receive full sponsorship, i.e items 100% free of charge as a kickstarter for the collab or bonuses based on sale with your code the following is required before receiving the items unless otherwise confirmed in writing:

After or before receiving the items the following is required unless otherwise stated:

  • Code in bio in the format "@famme <CODE>" 
  • affiliate link in bio can be a replacement for the code:
  • Minimum one post and 2 stories and pictures of all items received free of charge must be given in the quality we could expect given your current instagram feed. This must be done within 1 month of receiving the items. 
  • Use the hashtag #fammely and tag @famme on posts and stories

The code / affiliate link must be present for at least 2 months after receiving the gifted item(s), and no promotion of competing brands can be done in this period.

Longterm contracts with monthly payments

In some cases we might agree upon a monthly payment on a 3-6 months contract with the following conditions:

  • A test period of at least 3 months showing consistent or growing sales
  • Minimum sales must be 50000 NOK in sales ex vat with your code monthly on average. Which corresponds to 5000 NOK in commission
  • The fixed monthly payment will be the average of your commission payments in the test period, rounded to the closest 100.
  • If you sell for more than your fixed price payment in commission, you will get the commission instead. That means that the fixed price is the minimum we will pay, but the earning potential is "unlimited" for a month.
  • If the commission for 1 month is less than 60% of the fixed price payment, the contract will be terminated immediately.


Influencer terms and conditions for fixed price campaigns

We track sales only through use of discount codes. For fixed price campaigns the following can lead to a deduction in the agreed upon campaign price:

  • Not doing the agreed upon tasks (stories, videos, feed posts etc.)
  • Not generating our standard expected ROAS (return on ad spend).

For single payments the calculation is easy:

  • expected generated sales is 3X the payment value ex VAT. If we have agreed to pay 2000 euro for a post, it must bring 2000*3 = 6000 euro in sales. 
  • The deduction from the payout is calculated as: expected_generated_sales - actual_generated_sales. So if you generate 5900 in sales, 6000-5900=100 euro is deducted from the 2000 euro payout. 

The influencer is free to decide if they want to promote more to reach the expected sales, or get the deducted payout immediately.

Influencer resources

Sign opp HERE to get access to resources for influencers.


Influencer breach of terms

If the terms listed on this page for gifted products are not respected, an invoice will be issued to pay the full price for the items that was received free of charge.



  • 31. January: added bonus on 5, 25 and 50 sales + more info about bonuses
  • 25. January: added @famme as a requirement in the tagging, before we only required #fammely
  • 4. February: added clarification on bonuses.
  • 7. February: Added long term contract conditions