As a partner photographer, you take great photos, that can be both used as promotional material or for personal use.

You'll offer a package of Famme clothes and a photoshoot at a heavily discounted price, Famme will cover most of the cost for the clothes.

How does it work?

You as a photographer will make a bundle for your customers where they buy Famme clothes and a photoshoot. The prices for our clothes can be found here and these are the prices you'll pay for the clothes.


As a photographer, you can order Famme clothes when the model has booked a time with you and picked out the clothes she wished to take pictures in.

You can use our wholesale store for your Famme clothes, and as soon as we receive the order we will send you an invoice or you can also check out from the wholesale store and pay for the entire order in there if you wish to.

Follow this link to create your own wholesale store account.


We can send invoices with a due date on 14 days or you can also pay for the order via our store when you checkout. 


Payment can be made in EUR, NOK, SEK, USD, AUD, GBP and CAD

Contact page on our site

We will make a personalized page for your contact information. You can check this page to see one of our partners that we work with.


All the pictures that you take may be used both by us and our distributors.